Noor Muqaddam murder case: Two-day physical remand of accused Zahir’s parents, therapy cell office cell

Noor Muqaddam murder case: Two-day physical remand of accused Zahir’s parents, therapy cell office cell
The father of 27-year-old Noor Muqadam, who was killed in the Pakistani capital Islamabad, has said that he knows Noor’s father personally and will appeal to him. “This is a heinous crime and I want justice,” he said, referring to the murder of Noor Muqaddam.

According to our correspondent Shehzad Malik, accused Zahir Jaffer’s father Zakir Jaffer and mother Ismat Adam Ji were produced in the court of Duty Magistrate Islamabad, Shehzad Khan on Sunday.

Upon completion of arguments, the court did not accept the two-day physical remand of accused Zahir Jaffer’s parents and two employees and handed them over to the police.

It may be recalled that Islamabad police had earlier confirmed that the parents of the accused were taken into custody on Saturday evening while the janitor of the house and two other employees were also arrested. But the accused’s mother did not speak to the media and did not face it. The lawyer of the accused Zahir Jaffar’s parents had stated in the court that they would never support the accused Zahir Jaffar. Police told the court that the girl jumped out of the lighthouse to escape, and the employees saw that the accused was killed. Police said that the murder could have been stopped if the employees had informed the police in time. The investigating officer added that the neighbor informed the police and the police arrived within three minutes. Requested the court to remand the employees for exporting the mobile phones of the employees. The defense lawyer further said that my clients condemn the murder, my clients want justice, the accused should be severely punished. On the occasion, the father of accused Zahir Jaffer supported his lawyer by saying yes. On this occasion, the lawyer of Noor Maqam also requested the court that we request for physical remand of the parents.

It may be recalled that Zahir was arrested by the Islamabad police on the night of July 20 from his house where, according to Noor’s parents, “the accused killed with a sharp instrument” and “severed his head from his body”. Police had also recovered the murder weapon. According to the police spokesperson, in the light of the statement of plaintiff Shaukat Muqadam who is the father of the slain Noor and the evidence so far, the arrested accused Zahir Zakir Jaffer’s father Zakir Jaffer, mother Ismat Adam Ji, Domestic workers Iftikhar and Jamil have been arrested on charges of concealing evidence and aiding and abetting the crime.

Police say several people, including the accused’s parents and domestic help, have been interrogated. “All those who may have been involved in the murder as witnesses or in any other capacity are also being interrogated.”

Police say they are gathering evidence of all the individuals and all the direct or indirect motives behind the killing.

It may be recalled that the murder took place in F-7 sector within the limits of Kohsar police station. Authorities were instructed to meet with the owners of the therapy works in addition to the forensic evidence.

What do Zahir’s parents and therapy works have to do with this case?

Therapy Works has been providing counseling and psychotherapy facilities in Islamabad and other cities since 2007.

The rehabilitation center had confirmed that the accused Zahir was doing a course here but he had not ‘completed his course.’ No patient was allowed to see.

However, pictures are circulating on social media in which he is apparently giving lectures to children in a well-known private school by the same institution. Had called the team at the therapy works.

Police officials said the house guard reported the situation to Zahir’s father on the phone during the incident, but he told his wife, who further contacted Therapy Works. Police say Zahir used to take regular classes at therapy works.

According to Zahir’s mother Ismat Jaffer’s LinkedIn profile, she herself is involved in physiotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming in which psychotherapy is used. He has written in his profile that he has been associated with Therapy Works since 2015, but his name is not listed in the faculty on the Therapy Works website.

Police say Zahir’s mother, Ismat, contacted Therapy Works and said, “Go to my house and see what is happening.” After which, Therapy Works went there.

According to the police, Zahir also attacked an employee of the therapy works and he was seriously injured. He also underwent an operation. However, he is “not in a position to make a statement to the police.”

Zahir Jaffar is the son of Zakir Jaffer, managing director of a Karachi-based private company, and according to the company’s website, Zahir held the position of ‘Chief Brand Strategist’ there. However, his name and position have now been removed from the company’s website.

Extension of accused’s remand on Saturday

It is about two o’clock in the afternoon and journalists and lawyers are standing outside the rooms of the Civil Judge and Judicial Magistrate West.

It was informed that the police would present the accused in the Noor Muqadam murder case, Zahir Jaffer, in court at 11 am. Eventually, after a wait of about three hours, the accused was brought upstairs to Court No. 11 with police officers.

The accused, wearing a handcuffed brown and gray lining T-shirt, was wearing a face mask and a hair ponytail.

The courtroom was a bit crowded and journalists, lawyers and others were trying their best not to be able to hear or see any part of the proceedings.

The judge asked, “Who is the investigator and what is the stance?”

Sajid Cheema was present in the court as public prosecutor. While Shah Khawar was the lawyer of plaintiff Shaukat Muqaddam.

The court was told that the accused was arrested on July 21 and a 9 mm pistol and a knife were recovered from him.

Police requested the court to remand him for another 11 days as the earlier three-day remand had expired.

The court was told that the mobile phone of the accused and the victim was intended to be recovered and further work was needed in this case.

Just three to four minutes after the court proceedings, the on-duty judge dismissed the court with a two-day physical remand.

The accused was brought out again. Two policemen in civilian clothes and uniforms dragged the accused out of the room and towards the stairs.

Then a journalist came out from inside and then a lawyer repeated this sentence. A two-day remand is to be presented on Monday.

As the accused was being escorted by the police towards the vehicle, the media representatives present there made a video of him and asked him, “Obviously, would you like to say something about why you killed him?”

So he says something that makes a little bit of sense in the phrase, ‘I’ve been misrepresented.’

As he continued to speak English, a journalist asked, “Are you Pakistani?”

His response was, “No, I’m an American citizen.” Then he is heard saying, “And I am asking for a lawyer for a week …”

Then they are asked, “What is your position?”, “Was she your girlfriend?”

There is no answer and the police take them through the door of the court.

The accused was shifted in a vehicle and shifted to Kohsar police station again.

In the meanwhile, the accused’s words are clearly understood and heard, but the policeman, while taking him away, says in a very loud voice, “O brother John, we will write to you whatever his position is.”

When English is constantly spoken by the accused, an official says, “He is a very capable child, yes …” Then someone started saying, “I don’t speak the language.”

Noor Muqaddam’s father and some relatives and lawyers were also present in the court.

However, apparently none of his family members were present.

It is to be noted that Zahir Jaffer is the son of Zakir Jaffer, Managing Director of a private company based in Karachi and according to the company’s website, he himself held the post of ‘Chief Brand Strategist’.

However, his name and position have now been removed from the company’s website.

Demonstrations are being held in various cities of the country, including the capital, to condemn the senseless killing of Noor and demand justice. An old photo of Noor is also being shared in which he is carrying a chart written by him.

It read, “Hang them, destroy them.” What else is being investigated by the police?
Yesterday, IG Islamabad Qazi Jameel-ur-Rehman had a meeting with the investigation team of slain Noor Muqaddam.

According to the police spokesperson, a directive was issued to recommend the inclusion of accused Zahir’s name in the ECL.

It is to be noted that police sources have confirmed that his passport and ticket to go abroad were also confiscated from the house of the accused.

Police also directed the accused to contact the relevant agencies abroad to get criminal records from England and the United States. Authorities also directed to forensicize all the evidence obtained from the incident and said that IG Islamabad He also directed the investigating officers to meet the organizers of the therapy works.

Earlier on Thursday, police held a press conference.

Addressing a press conference, Atta-ur-Rehman said that as soon as the incident was reported, the police had reached the house and started collecting the evidence there as well as started the forensic process to ensure that. Make sure no evidence is lost.

“The accused is on remand with us. We are investigating. He has been caught in the act. A murder weapon has also been found. We stand with the affected families and it is our duty and responsibility to bring them to justice.

Asked whether Noor Muqaddam was also shot, the SSP said the bullet was stuck in the pistol and did not go off.

Explaining Noor’s presence in the house, he said that the employees present there have been taken into custody and are being questioned to find out how long Noor Muqadam was there.

In response to repeated questions about mental health, the police said that the police’s attention was not on the accused’s past and that he was in good spirits at the time of his arrest.

The head of the investigation team, SSP Ata-ur-Rehman, told a press conference on Thursday that he was also looking at the old records of the accused’s crimes and said that his
If there was a leaflet against him, it would have come to light, but the police are interested in the fact that he is not involved in any crime in any other country.

“She is OK. Caught by chance. A murder weapon has also been found there. I don’t think they will get any discount. “Any investigation we have will be in the light of the full evidence and we will continue to punish him.”

“I want justice”

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