Chinese company Xiaomi succeeds in taking over Apple

Chinese company Xiaomi succeeds in taking over Apple
In the second quarter of the year, Chinese company Xiaomi managed to overtake American technology company Apple.

According to a report by Canalys, smartphone maker Xiaomi has overtaken Apple to become the second largest player in the global market with a 17% share of the market. Acquired a 17% share of the global market and snatched the second position from the American company Apple.

Samsung grew 15 percent over the period, making it the world’s largest smartphone maker. Samsung’s market share in the global market is 2% higher than Xiaomi’s 19%.

American company L is third with 14% market share, while Chinese company Oppo is fourth with 10% share. Another Chinese company, Vivo, is fifth with a market share of 10%.

انہ 70 million fine on Facebook
London: Facebook has been fined nearly ً 70 million by a UK watchdog.

Facebook has been fined by the UK’s competition regulator for deliberately withholding information during an investigation into the purchase of Giphy, a well-known GIF website.

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) launched an investigation earlier this year into Facebook’s purchase of Jeffy for 400 million.

The CMA said the social networking company “deliberately” refused to provide the information and tried to prove that it was complying with the Initial Enforcement Order (IEO). This means that until the CMA’s investigation is complete, the company must stop further integration of any newly purchased business and allow it to compete as before.

Joel Bamford, director of integration at CMA, says this is a warning to any company that believes it is above the law.

“We warned Facebook that refusing to provide us with important information violated the order, but even after losing the appeal in two separate courts, Facebook ignored its legal obligations,” he said.

The CMA said this was the first time a company had “consciously refused” to provide information under the IEO. According to the CMA, they “believe that the failure to comply with the order by Facebook was intentional”. Introducing a smart core that protects mobile phones from damage.
There is a popular saying on social networking sites that in the past when people fell, the viewers would stop breathing, but nowadays when mobile phones fall, they forget to breathe for a few moments. It is said that if the mobile phone that falls from the hand is ‘Android’, then the trouble and suffering will surely increase many times more because the imaginary beauty of the expenses to come is the soul.
According to Tasnim News Agency, you don’t have to worry anymore as the technology website ‘TechCrunch’ has invented a unique type of ultra ‘smart cover’ to protect the popular smartphones. Has gone

Philip Frenzel, an engineering student at Allen University in Germany, has introduced an active damping case to protect Android mobile phones.

The mobile cover to be introduced consists of eight metal edges that open the stand with the help of a ‘sensor’ attached to the mobile phone as soon as it falls, all this happens so fast that of course! If the mobile phone falls from a distance of feet or yards, its sensor makes it safe by detecting danger even before seconds.

Philip Frenzel has also unveiled his introductory cover and released a video for it in which it can be clearly seen that the falling phone touches the ground later. Removes which protects it from any kind of danger including any kind of shock.

The damping case can be used as a cover to protect every smartphone, including Samsung, iPhone and other types of Android phones.

The cover, introduced by a German student, has not yet been put up for sale, but the young man studying engineering has registered it so that his invention can be preserved under his own name.
China’s experience with the world’s largest and most advanced solid fuel rocket engine
China has tested the world’s largest and most advanced solid fuel rocket engine.

According to Chinese media, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) has stated that it has tested the world’s largest and most technologically advanced solid fuel rocket engine for the first time yesterday. China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation According to the rocket’s 3.5 meter wide engine can produce 500 tons of power.

These rockets are used to deliver missiles or other equipment to military platforms due to their ease of movement and ability to launch quickly.

Good news for electric car owners
Car companies and electric car owners no longer have to worry because recycled lithium batteries can be more helpful than new batteries.

A recent study by a US research institute and battery company has revealed that recycled batteries will not only be more environmentally friendly but also better than new batteries.

According to the report, it is still difficult to persuade carmakers to use recycled materials as battery companies are still reluctant to use recycled materials. However, new research has shown that The usability of these cathode recycled batteries can be up to 53% longer than new batteries and will also be environmentally friendly due to their recycling.

In addition, these batteries are sometimes able to perform better than new batteries.

According to the scientific journal, a US company plans to set up the first commercial battery recycling plant next year with a capacity to recycle 10,000 tons of batteries.

PayPal offers to buy Pinterest for 45 billion
PayPal Holdings has offered to buy digital pinboard site Pinterest for 45 45 billion.

If the deal goes through, it will be the most expensive purchase of a social media company, after Microsoft Corp. bought LinkedIn in 2016 for .2 26.2 billion.

The most expensive social media company purchase
Similarly, it is three times bigger than the purchase of Dell WhatsApp, because Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 for 16 billion dollars.

The deal is being negotiated at a time when internet shoppers are increasingly turning to buying items that are visible on social media and often follow ‘influential people’ on platforms such as Instagram and TikTuk. Are doing

Offer ڈالر 70 per share to purchase Pinterest
A source familiar with the matter said PayPal had offered ڈالر 70 per share to buy Pinterest.

Reuters quoted sources as saying that PayPal hopes to announce quarterly earnings on November 8, as well as the success of the deal.

However, sources warned that no agreement has been reached yet and the terms may change, with PayPal and Pinterest not responding to requests for comment.

Shares of PayPal fell 4.9 percent this week
Shares of PayPal fell 4.9 percent to close at 8 258.36 a share on Wednesday, while shares of Pentecost rose 12.8 percent to close at 62 62.68.

Pinterest was valued at about ارب 13 billion in 2019, but Corona’s lockdown during the global epidemic led to a huge increase in the number of its users.

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