Apple has postponed the feature of scanning iPhones to prevent child pornography

Apple has postponed the feature of scanning iPhones to prevent child pornography
American mobile company Apple has postponed a new feature to scan iPhones to prevent child pornography.

Apple Corps on Friday announced that it was releasing its controversial new anti-child pornography feature.

According to Apple, the decision was made due to criticism of the new feature.

Apple Corps’ new feature has been criticized for being a way to spy on consumers. And the iPad can be scanned.

This will alert parents whose children will see rude pictures on messages or send them to someone.

In addition, the feature will automatically detect child sexual abuse images saved online by iPhone users and report them to the police.

However, various digital rights organizations have noted that the modification of Apple’s operating systems creates a potential backdoor in mobile that can be used by governments and various groups to spy on consumers.

Earlier, Apple had denied allegations of a new feature against child sexual abuse images, but now the company has postponed its new feature. Are being sent to the forensic: police press conference
Islamabad police are adding more provisions including extortion, robbery, rape and sexual harassment in the case registered against the accused in a video case of violence against a couple in the capital.

Police have also sent the phone of the main accused Usman Mirza for forensics.

Top officials were present at a press conference in Islamabad on Monday.

According to a press release issued in this regard, in the light of this case, the accused could be sentenced to death and life imprisonment. went.

It was also informed that the mobile phones of the main accused Usman Mirza were being recovered and sent for forensics and the statement of the victim boy and girl has also been recorded.

Authorities confirmed that six suspects have been arrested so far.

It has been reported that after the discovery of some new facts in this case, some new provisions are being added in the FIR in their light. These include 377A, 496A, 114 PPC, 395 PPC, 384 PPC, 375 DPPC, 375A.

According to officials, accused Usman Mirza also received extortion from the victim couple.

According to police officials, a case has also been registered against accused Usman in Sihala police station.

Police in their message to the public said that if there is any victim due to the accused, he should contact the police.

Earlier on Friday, a court in the capital Islamabad remanded all the accused in police custody for four days.

A senior Islamabad police official met the victim couple and their family, after which SP Ata-ur-Rehman said, “The police have arrested the animal-minded people involved in the incident and this is our own case.” We will fight it to the end.

The boy and the girl confirmed that they are now married.

After the video went viral, police were trying to reach out to the affected couple as their statements in the case are also significant.

It may be recalled that in some clips of this video which went viral on social media this week, it can be seen that the accused Usman Mirza and his accomplices are torturing a young boy and a girl in a room. In the video, the accused abuses the boy and the girl. And slap them repeatedly in the face.

It can also be seen that they try to take off their clothes and threaten to kill them.

“There’s family inside, you can’t go in.”
An official from the investigation team told the BBC that the girl was a resident of another city. She had come to Islamabad on the day of the incident for an examination and had asked her fianc to arrange accommodation in the city.

According to the official, the victim rented a flat from a friend of Usman Mirza, the main accused in the case, for one night.

According to the official, while they were both in the flat, the brother of accused Usman Mirza came there and tried to enter the flat. On this, Usman Mirza’s friend told him that there was a family inside so he could not go inside.

According to the police official, on hearing this, the accused’s brother called Usman Mirza who came there along with some of his friends and abused the boy and the girl.

According to the police official, after making a video of the abuse, “the accused threatened them that if they mentioned the incident to anyone, they would make the video viral.”

According to Islamabad Police Chief Qazi Jameel-ur-Rehman, accused Usman Mirza is married and has children.

What happened in the trial?
When accused Usman Mirza and his two accomplices Farhan and Atta-ur-Rehman were produced in court on Friday, the investigating officer of the case said that they have to investigate other matters besides obtaining data from the accused. Further physical remand is required. However, the lawyers of both the associates of Usman Mirza opposed the physical remand and said that their client had no role in the incident.

His lawyers said the video, which went viral on social media, showed that the two had no role in the act and were forbidding Usman Mirza from doing so.

The lawyers of the accused said that the police did not have any material other than this video, then “why further physical remand of the accused is required.”

He said that if no other evidence came to light then the accused should be sent to jail on judicial remand.

However, when the lawyers pointed out that the incident took place in a room, then why was Section 354A added to the case against the accused, which is about insulting someone’s honor, the investigating officer replied that ‘now The accused are yet to be investigated under section 354A. Someone’s honor has been tarnished on social media and they are still saying that the incident took place in a room.

The lawyers of the accused argued that if Farhan and Ata-ur-Rehman were seen in a video going to the flat together with Usman Mirza, the main accused in the case, then of course they should also be punished with the main accused but the situation is opposite. ۔

According to him, if the footage of these two accused is obtained from the CCTV cameras installed in the plaza, then the facts will come to light.

He said that the police should do what they have to recover from Usman Mirza, the main accused in the case, but the other two accused should be sent to jail on judicial remand.

However, the court did not agree with the arguments of the lawyers of the accused and remanded the three accused in police custody on a four-day physical remand.
The issue resonated with the Prime Minister’s House and Imran Khan, in a meeting with IG Islamabad Qazi Jameel-ur-Rehman, briefed the Prime Minister on the progress made on the issue.

According to a statement, the IG Islamabad told the Prime Minister that he was personally overseeing the case to ensure strong criminal proceedings and conviction after the arrest of the accused and that all technical resources should be used to gather further evidence. have been.

It may be recalled that yesterday, Prime Minister Imran Khan also took notice of the incident and ordered the police of the capital to complete the investigation as soon as possible.

Islamabad Police has also enlisted the services of the FIA’s Cyber ​​Crime Wing, expanding the scope of its investigation into the case.

According to police, FIA cybercrime wing officials will gather information about the accounts from which the video was uploaded on Facebook and social media. An official from the team investigating the case told the BBC that the mobile phones used by the suspects had been sent to a forensic laboratory.

SSP Operations Mustafa Tanveer said that according to his information, the names of the accused involved in the incident have also been given to the immigration authorities so that they could not try to flee the country.

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